What is Mouse Free?

Mouse free is a Non-toxic oil based product that lubricates the under carriage of your RV to prevent Mice and other Pests from entering your RV.

It works to repel mice, squirrels and event insects in two ways:

  1. The Mouse- Free product is infused with essential oils that drive away the pests. They can’t handle the smell!
  2. The slippery lubricant is impossible to travel on.

The Mouse-Free product carries a NO DRIP, NO MESS and NON TOXIC promise. It is a humane and effective way at preserving the value and cleanliness of your trailer.

Our service department is happy to apply the product on your new or pre-owned RV for you. All you have to do is book an appointment to begin reaping the rewards of a pest free camping experience!

Are you a do it yourself kind of person? We sell the Mouse Free kits in our parts and accessories department along with the tools you will need to apply it from home!

Call and speak with our Service Department for more information about Mouse Free!