Finance Office Q&A

Q: Is there a minimum for financing?
A: No, we have access to multiple lenders some of which have no minimum purchase amounts.

Q: Can I finance a pre-owned RV?
A: Yes, within a 10 year limitation.

Q: Can I do a monthly payment plan for an extended service contract (warranty)?
A: Yes, with either pre-authorized debit withdrawal from your personal bank account or with your credit card.

Q: Can I purchase an extended service contract from Nickel Belt Camping if I didn’t purchase from you?
A: Yes, however some conditions apply. Please contact our Finance department for more information.

Q: Will I have to take the longest term available when financing an RV?
A: No, we can tailor your monthly payment plan to fit your budget.

Q: Can I have my loan secured with Insurance?
A: Yes, Life, Accidental, Critical Illness and Loss of employment are available to you.