Diamond Kote (DK)

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We are proud to offer the new Diamond Kote product!
Diamond Kote is everything you need to keep your RV looking new longer.

Here is what we can offer:

DK exterior protection bonds to the surface of your RV and protects against loss of gloss, road salt, tree sap, road tar, bird droppings, acid rain and pollution.

DK fabric protection forms an invisible shield around each fiber. This coating prevents the penetration of spills such as coffee, tea, milk, soft drinks and food without affecting the fabric’s texture.

DK leather and vinyl protection uses a semi-permeable water based formula that protects and prevents most stains on interior leathers and vinyls. The formula allows the leather to breathe to help maintain a smooth and supple finish.

The DK Kit includes:

  • Wash & Shine RV Shampoo
  • Spray Wax, Black Streak Remover
  • RV Glass Cleaner and Leather Vinyl Restorer
  • Soft Cloth Wash Mitt
  • 100% Cotton Polishing Cloth and Bug Sponge

Up to 10 years of warranty on any RV within 3 years of Manufacturer Date. (some conditions may apply)

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